Peter Dean

Having had lots of different trainers while playing sport growing up, I have to say that Jamie is one of the best there is. Jamie has the knowledge that covers everything that you would want to achieve. Jamie’s really takes an interest in helping you achieve yours goals. Jamie is without doubt the best trainer in the highlands.


Peter Gallagher

I have been training with JBPT for two years. My fitness and strength has improved significantly. Recently Jaime trained me to reach a personal goal of climbing Mt Everest Base Camp. Not only did I achieve this I also managed to successfully climb Kala Pathar a near by mountain at 5650m which is 300 vertical metres above base camp. Jaime and Tom used a combination of strength and conditioning training, the sessions are never dull and the banter / conversation is always interesting. I have no issue recommending JBPT for your training needs.


Denise McKenna

I have been training with Jaimie for the past 12 months. Jaimie, despite her young age, shows a professionalism way beyond her years. She has a fantastic rapport with clients and has a great ability to engage with a diverse range of clients. Personally I find her to be an excellent trainer as she has the expertise to push you to your limit but in a controlled way. The sessions are challenging but the results are worth it. Jaimie’s personality lends itself to getting the most from her clients. She can be ‘pushy’ but in a super nice way so you feel encouraged to achieve your personal best.


Melanie Anson

Jaime is a professional and passionate Personal Trainer who is focussed on pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of, every session. She is encouraging, motivating and informative and my sessions with her are beyond rewarding. In addition, Jaime understands that maintaining a fit and healthy life requires a balanced approach to training and nutrition which makes her so easy to relate to. I can’t recommend Jaime highly enough and if you are looking for a Personal Trainer who is bright, friendly, results driven, truely wants you to achieve your goals and often believes in you more than you believe in yourself, then please, contact Jaime. Amazing.

Wendy Smith

I am a working mother of two gorgeous children so life is rather busy. I absolutely love my personal training sessions, that I share with one of my gorgeous friends. The energy and personal motivation that personal training evokes is priceless. Jaime is an amazing trainer who recognises personal abilities and constantly adjusts training to ensure continual improvement in core strength and fitness. I am grateful for Jaime's continual positive nature and encouragement. I would highly recommend jaimebowpt to anyone.

Megan McAndrew

I met and started training with Jaime around 4 or 5 years ago. I followed her when she started her own business JBPT around about 3 years ago. Jaime has helped and encouraged me so much over my weight loss journey. She has put me through some gruelling sessions over the time and encouraged and pushed me to do things I never thought possible, she has made me push my limits mainly because she won't take no for an answer!!

She has inspired me so much over the years, her own love for training and nutrition and the journey that she has under taken herself helps to make her the awesome PT that she is!

Jackie Grima

My fitness journey began in 2014 and I met Jaime shortly after that when she became a PT at the gym I trained at. We became fast friends and my 30 minute sessions quickly turned into a fun (but really hard) workout! I don’t enjoy training so it’s really important for me to have a personal trainer I get along with and with Jaime that’s really not hard! Her bubbly, fun personality hides the fact that’s she is a hard core PT. You don’t realise until the next day what’s she’s done to you!

When Jaime started JBPT I stayed behind. It wasn’t until early this year I realised I needed that connection with my PT in order for me to continue my fitness journey.

What I love most apart from the laughs is Jaime’s dedication to her clients. I feel supported with nutrition (even though we share different dietary beliefs) I never feel judged or questioned. Jaime supports me and adapts my macros to suit.

Highly recommend JBPT if you want to change your life!

Becky Martin

I have trained with many PT's over the years Jaime is definitely the best by far.

We have trained together for the last five years and she still motivates and pushes me to my limits to get great results.
Every session is different and tailored to my needs and it's also lots of fun!!!

Courtney Roberts

Mum and myself started seeing Jaime since day dot and we have never looked back, our journey with Jaime has been full of pain, laughter and we have been pushed past our limits that not even us knew we could do, some days I feel like I can't go any further, that I've hit that limit but Jaime is such a encouraging person and she helps you along the way. Although the next two days after our sessions there is so much pain but it is so worth every little bit to get us closer to our goals. At the start I didn't really understand the whole counting macros and nutrition but she sat us down and explained everything in detail the way we would understand. Mum and I can't thank Jaime enough for everything she has done for us and helping us turn our lives around into a healthier and happier life style. Sometimes we do have our bad weeks where we fall off the wagon but we know she will help us pick ourself up and go again. It has been a pleasure watching your business grow from strength to strength. The work outs are so tough that if we didn't laugh we would probably be crying haha thank you again Jaime :)

Sali Burns

I started working with Jaime prior to her starting her own business and actually followed her when she went out on her own. I love my sessions even the aching muscles, but most of all I love the changes that Jaime has helped me make. She is tough but fair, an incredibly warm and funny young lady, who I am proud to call a friend. I'm still on my journey and I don't feel like I am alone, I know she is right with me pushing and encouraging, giving me guidance and advice, helping me with my nutrition and accommodating my limitations due to old injuries. She has changed my life !

Eloise Ryan

I first met Jaime around 18 months ago, when my first session consisted mainly of awkward giggling from the shock of just how tough a 'Jaime session' was! While my muscle soreness lasted days, I was hooked and couldn't wait to go back! 

Once she started up JBPT in 2014 her commitment to my health journey rocketed, altering my training program and nutrition plans.

I'm always pushed to my limit with training that is different each day. A session might be at the local park or inside at the gym, using a huge variety of equipment, with an even bigger variety of exercises. 

Sessions are never dull - in between puffing and grunting we talk about our next gym gear purchases (our collections include matching tights, tops and jackets!), macro tips and anything else that takes my mind off the fact that my muscles are on fire! 

Jaime's super-tough-but-oh-so-rewarding tactics are second to none, and I recommend her to anyone and everyone!!

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