JBPT, based in the Southern Highlands Australia, is a Personal Training service that offers tailored training and nutrition programs for every individual. Whether your goal be to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass or simply structure your daily life in a flexible yet health orientated manner JBPT is for you.  Training is primarily resistance training complimented with certain cardio workouts to optimise results & achieve each and every goal the client sets out to conquer. 

Nutrition is based around macronutrient counting and is of a very flexible nature, with the main focus being on sustainability, longevity & working in with day to day life. Macronutrient or 'macro counting' is all about consuming a nutrient dense diet  whilst still enjoying a few indulgences (meaning you can stay on track and focused over the long term). 

JBPT has a range of training options including one on one personal training, group personal training, outdoor bootcamps, indoor group classes & online coaching.  If you would like any further information please email jaimebowpt@gmail.com.

Better than yesterday, less than tomorrow.