4 Productivity Hacks You Can Use Right Now

1: Allocate 1 hour a day – distraction free

When your day is already jam packed it can be hard to justify time that’s literally all about you. All you need to do is find an hour a day that is dedicated to working towards one of your goals. Sure, you might need to sacrifice a little time somewhere else but it’ll be 100% worth it. (But when you look at your day honestly, you might be surprised at how much productive time you have you’re not using.)

So, take off your smart watch, set your phone to airplane mode and focus on the job at hand. Whatever you do in this hour make it all about working towards your goal – training, research, creative output…no matter how small (or big!). This is YOUR time to make it happen, so make it count. 

2: Progress not perfection

There is no such thing as perfection – in anything. If we’re blindly focussed on being perfect or having everything we do be flawless, our productivity plummets and we start to cripple our progress through self-doubt and overthinking. 

Aim for progress by working on being a little better than yesterday, learning from mistakes and to keep moving forward. Every little bit counts!

3: Schedule time to procrastinate

Not many people like to admit it, but we all procrastinate – even just a little. But the good news is that procrastinating actually has benefits too! From boosting creativity to helping cut unnecessary tasks, when we procrastinate we’re allowing our brain some space to allow us to see things differently. We just need to make sure that we’re making it work for our productivity rather than just sap our time. 

When setting your schedule or any deadlines, make sure that you allow for a little time to procrastinate without compromising reaching your goal.

4: Set routines

Having routines saves you time by taking the decision making process out of smaller ticket items and helps support our mental wellness by reducing stress, enabling us to create healthy habits and improve sleep quality and give us the sense of control over our lives (well, some at least!). 

For example…


Start your day with a few moments of mindfulness, gratitude or quiet meditation to clear your mind and set intentions for the day. Get some fresh air, even if it’s by having your morning cup of tea on your balcony or in your yard. 


If it works for you, have certain nights when you cook certain meals so you know exactly what you need and you don’t spend ages trying to figure out what you fancy & what you have in the house. Have a chore schedule so everyone knows what they’re responsible for and when.


Make a list of anything on your mind or anything you need to do tomorrow to get it out of your head so you don’t need to keep thinking about it. Switch off your devices and end the day with something relaxing to wind down with; a warming herbal tea, a hydrating face mask or a little reading. A bedtime routine helps your body prepare for a better nights sleep.