Should I eat this or that? 🤔

Tracking macros is a great way to reach your nutrition goals while still eating the food you love. However, even though your favourite donut fits your macros it is probably not your best choice.

At this point you have probably had one of those days where you decide to have that extra serving of ice cream and are left with nothing but egg whites for dinner. Let us help you make sure that never happens again! 

If you’re faced with a tough decision, use these exercises to help shift your mindset back to your goals.

Think before you eat 🍴

You’ve just seen a muffin on the counter at a cafe and you think that you need it.

Take a moment and run through some facts:
• The shop assistant strategically placed it there to try to tempt you.
• It didn’t exist in your mind before you saw it.
• It won’t exist in your mind when you walk away.
Walk away, get that muffin out of sight, and take 10-20 minutes before making a decision. We bet you’ll have forgotten all about it!

Eat some but not all 😬

Can you be satisfied eating only half? For many people, learning to eat some of a food and giving the rest away is an achievement.

A little over is not the same as a lot 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

Eating 2 cookies more than your macros allow is not the same as an entire sleeve. By not letting a small indulgence turn into a complete binge - you win! You are building your habits and self control. We know your coach would be proud too.

Communicate with your trainer 🤜🤛

Your trainer is there to give advice and help you build strategies for developing healthy habits. Letting them know what you’re struggling with is the best way to ensure you receive the tools and guidance you need to succeed. Trust us, they have been through and seen it all.