Recovery | Why it’s just as important as the workout 

The quality of your recovery impacts your motivation for your goals and performance in the gym. Pick one or two of the following to kick start your way to a new you!

Eat to recover 🍏

Choose quality protein sources and load up your plate with vegetables. If you’re filling up on sugar and saturated fats, your body isn’t getting what it needs to repair muscle tissue, get stronger and give you energy. 

Get enough sleep 💤

If you’re seeing a plateau on the scale, try creating a bedtime routine and adding a few extra hours of shut-eye to your schedule. Without enough quality sleep, your body will hold on to water and fat stores.

7-8 hours of sleep a night is recommended. If you’re following a hard training regime, aim for 9 hours.

Manage stress ⏰

The buildup of stress can negatively impact so many aspects of your life including but not limited to training, relationships, and the scale. Work with the people around you to find a way to bring your stress to a manageable level. Replace a training session with meditation, or ask your partner to cook dinner tonight so you can do some stretching. Doing little things to help manage your stress will keep you going stronger for longer.

Move to recover 🚶‍♀️

“Rest and recovery” doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and watching netflix. Do some active recovery to promote blood flow and mobility. While you’re at it, catch up with friends and do something active and fun, try:

• Go for a walk/bike ride/swim
• Go to the beach/park/bowling
• Do some Yoga or ROMWOD
• Foam roll and stretch while you watch a movie
• Play with your dog
• Go out dancing
• Do gardening

Visualize 😊

Spend time visualizing your goals and where you want to be. Studies have shown that practicing visualization of movements can help train motor patterns and keep you motivated.

Taking recovery seriously by eating, sleeping and moving well is going to optimize your progress.