Ordering a Cafe Breakfast...

So you’re on a fat loss journey but love a good Sunday brunch? Did you know you can still include this into your diet without hindering your results? When it comes to dining out it’s all about making a good choice either with the dine out meal or modifying your day to cater to it.�
So when it comes to cafe brekkies here’s our tips and key pointers for ensuring your Sunday brunch doesn’t cost you your week’s hard work.

1. Pre plan: If you have breakfast plans or know you’re going to a particular cafe as it’s breakfast don’t eat before. Skip the extra snack or beverage and instead just give yourself more of an allowance and flexibility for the meal. If you’re tracking your calories input your day into your calorie tracking tool and make a rough estimate as to your meals intake totals and/or the rest of your day so you know what allowance you have.�� 💻

2. Reduce your intake before/after the meal: Knowing you’ve got a planned breakfast or are having a higher calorie dine out meal make accomodations in the rest of your day to fit this in. Taper down after the meal and don’t back it up with another calorie dense meal and instead stick to lower calorie choices. An example of this is if you ordered pancakes then you’d have say a salad and meat and vegetable dinner. It’s all about balance!�� 🥗

3. Pick the simple option: The simpler the dish the easier it is to account for. For example 2 eggs on toast is going to be easier to account for and understand the intake you’re consuming when the components are simple and easy to identify as opposed to say a breakfast bruschetta/fritters etc where there’s a lot going on calorically and visually.�� 🍞

4. Make notes of the cautions: Look at a menu and assess for red flags. Some commonly identified red flags with brekkie menus include:�- Calorie dense components = calorie dense meal�- Many components = usually more calorie dense�- The words ‘BIG’, ‘EXTRA’, ‘LARGE’ etc indicating portion size and additional intake due to ‘extras’�- Fried foods = calorie dense. Words like ‘pan fried’, ‘fritter’ etc all indicate cooking with oil, which means an additional 120 calories per tablespoon!�� 🙅‍♀️

5. Get sauces on the side: This way you can opt to not have it or control your portion�� 🍴

6. Modify the dishes on the menu: Don’t be afraid to ask for changes and make requests I.e change roasted vegetables for example to steamed vegetables, ask for calorie dense components to be removed I.e nuts or goats cheeses from salads etc�� 👌

7. Account for/factor in oil: Oil is approximately 120 calories per tablespoon so with oil account for this when calculating what you’ve eaten or alternatively save calories by asking for no oil or butter with your food/dry grilled.�� 🏺

8. Beverage wisely: Remember beverages have calories too, make sure you account for this in your meal so whether its a juice, coffee, coconut, smoothie - some beverages have the equivalent intake to a meal or full snack. Be mindful of this and instead just opt for water or compensate with a lesser dense meal to have both!�� 🍻🥂

OUR TOP PICK FOR BREAKFAST: �Poached eggs on sourdough: Under 400 calories *Add a side of fresh tomatoes and spinach for less than 50 calories more and/or bacon for about 120 calories more! ☝️

Yogurt and granola: Always a deceiving choice on a menu given it’s what most ‘health conscious’ dieters go for but it’s quite calorie dense. The yogurt is usually full fat and granola very calorie dense.�� 👎

All in all, when it comes to brekkie it’s one of the easiest meals to calculate with the safest options. Don’t throw in plans for the sake of your body transformation just get smarter and organised with your dine out meals so you’re able to have your cake and eat it too. It’s all about making the right choice, avoiding traps and eating accordingly for the rest of the day.��Important note: there’s nothing wrong with any of the examples we’ve used as demonstrations of things that could be removed or substituted. 

No food is good or bad and won’t be recognised by the body in that way either, these suggestions as simply to lighten the density of your meal...😊😊