If you can’t see physical changes yet, there may be a few things you are doing that are slowing your progress. Go through the checklist below and if you find you are saying yes to more than one that is a great place to start. 

• Are you exceeding your macros by more than 5 grams of your carbs & protein targets and/or 2 grams of your fat target on a regular basis?
* Are you estimating frequently?
* Have you had a huge blow-out/cheat in the last month or so?
* When you choose inputs in MFP do you choose ones that are most favourable (i.e. the ones with lower macros)? 
◦ You should (1) be making sure the entry is “verified” or (2) if there is no verified entry you should be cross-referencing the information with either google nutrition or 
* If you have prescribed cardio do you ever skip sessions?
* Do you eat without tracking everything?

Examples (there are tons but here are some common ones):

* Cooking with oil or cooking spray and don’t count it because you "don't use that much"
* Taking bites of food while preparing it
* Sips/bites of a friends drinks/food without tracking it.

• Is more than more than 30% of your carb or fat intake being used for alcohol on a regular basis?
* Are you drinking alcohol on refeed days?
* Are you using inaccurate units of measure like tablespoons, cups, 1 piece of fruit etc… instead of weighing things?
* Are you eating out or eating a lot of already prepared or pre packaged foods often? Be honest with your trainer - they want nothing more than for you to succeed so if you answered yes to any of the above let them know so they can help you!

Jaime xx