A few TIPS for the 'Perfect Diet'

The PERFECT diet will:

1. Allow for the inclusion of social events into your goal intake needs: You shouldn’t have to ‘go off the plan’ to sustain your diet. 🍻

2. Be family friendly: There’s no reason why you have to isolate or eat foreign to your family. 👪

3. Integrate into your lifestyle non invasively: It shouldn’t be like a second job in sustaining the requirements of your nutrition plan. 💻

4. Be a lifestyle: You will know how to eat to sustain what you achieve or better yet for YOUR body. 🍉🌽🧀

5. Customised to YOUR intake needs: If you’ve received a generic diet or a guide, how on earth is that going to cater to your specific needs? No person is alike, what works for your best friend will likely won’t work for you too in the sense of a written diet that isn’t numerically customised. 💻

6. Incorporate foods you love: You won’t adhere if the food is boring, bland and not to preference. If you have the capacity to be flexible working with numbers then why wouldn’t you will your intake needs with what you enjoy! Sometimes there are compromises e.g your body has a protein need - your diet can’t be lacking in protein, you have micronutrient needs - so you therefore can’t neglect the good stuff, but it’s all about balance! ❤🍰🍫


1. Discriminate against foods or food groups: This means the diet fails to neglect the fundamentals of the science of changing your body. The body doesn’t recognise food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but rather for its macronutrient value. 🙅🏼‍♂️

2. Restrict you from eating your favourite foods: This is unsustainable and the method will be very short lasting. 👌🏼

3. Prohibit you from living: While you might not be able to go out binge drinking and following it with a 2am entire pizza, an EFFECTIVE diet will be able to incorporate your social life and lifestyle within your intake goals. 🙌🏼

4. Require you to do endless hours of exercise: Point blank, not necessary. 💪🏼

5. Lead you to having blow outs and binges: It means your practices are restricting and lead you to have break outs of deviation. 🍫🍫

6. Have you thinking a raw slice is better than a chocolate bar of equal caloric value: Nitty gritty aside in regards to the macronutrients and fiber content of both, if your ‘diet rules’ enforce selection of food based on how processed something is then it’s based on cloudy principles distanced from the science of the body. 

Jaime xxx