My Journey so Far...

The reason I am so passionate about my job is because I too have been through my own weight loss/fitness/health journey. 

Growing up I had always been very active (hockey/athletics/training in general). Mum & Dad always ensured we ate well & adopted healthy living patterns. Once I finished school & lived more independently I fell into poor eating habits (mostly takeaway & junk food) & was obviously training/playing less sport. I tried several "fad diets" to budge the 20+kgs I had gained since finishing school, none of which were successful! I would lose 10kgs through starving myself/copious amounts of cardio but then gain it within half the time it took to lose. 

Then I found an approach to nutrition which allowed me to be flexible whilst still accountable - tracking macros. As opposed to restricting calories/carbs/low fat diets I simply moderated my intake of ALL types of food. I still enjoyed treats like chocolate (my biggest indulgence) whilst ensuring I ate wholesome, nutrient dense foods as well. This "flexible" & sustainable approach to nutrition allowed me to achieve my best results to date with weight & fat loss! 

I have lost over 20kgs & totally changed my body composition (I am still no where near where I want to be but because I have taken the time - although at times frustrating - to build and work on my once weak metabolism, I can continue to chip away at this through persevering and remaining accountable for how hard I work out in the gym & the level of consistency that I sustain with my nutrition. 

Training consisted of 4-5 powerlifting sessions (squats/bench/deadlifts/accessories) & 2 HIIT sessions (as well as hockey 1x a week). When I trained hard I didn't want to then go home and undo all the hard work I had done all day (it was much easier knowing I could have a small sweet treat for desert to hit those cravings). Of course, like everyone, I wasn't perfect - one of the perks of strengthening your metabolism is that allows for mishaps every now and again! 

For anyone that loves food (me!) & struggles to find healthy yet sustainable work/life/training/nutrition balance - flick me an email at to book in a consult, pt session or perhaps arrange online nutritional coaching to get you back on track and happy in your own skin.