4 Productivity Hacks You Can Use Right Now

1: Allocate 1 hour a day – distraction free

When your day is already jam packed it can be hard to justify time that’s literally all about you. All you need to do is find an hour a day that is dedicated to working towards one of your goals. Sure, you might need to sacrifice a little time somewhere else but it’ll be 100% worth it. (But when you look at your day honestly, you might be surprised at how much productive time you have you’re not using.)

So, take off your smart watch, set your phone to airplane mode and focus on the job at hand. Whatever you do in this hour make it all about working towards your goal – training, research, creative output…no matter how small (or big!). This is YOUR time to make it happen, so make it count. 

2: Progress not perfection

There is no such thing as perfection – in anything. If we’re blindly focussed on being perfect or having everything we do be flawless, our productivity plummets and we start to cripple our progress through self-doubt and overthinking. 

Aim for progress by working on being a little better than yesterday, learning from mistakes and to keep moving forward. Every little bit counts!

3: Schedule time to procrastinate

Not many people like to admit it, but we all procrastinate – even just a little. But the good news is that procrastinating actually has benefits too! From boosting creativity to helping cut unnecessary tasks, when we procrastinate we’re allowing our brain some space to allow us to see things differently. We just need to make sure that we’re making it work for our productivity rather than just sap our time. 

When setting your schedule or any deadlines, make sure that you allow for a little time to procrastinate without compromising reaching your goal.

4: Set routines

Having routines saves you time by taking the decision making process out of smaller ticket items and helps support our mental wellness by reducing stress, enabling us to create healthy habits and improve sleep quality and give us the sense of control over our lives (well, some at least!). 

For example…


Start your day with a few moments of mindfulness, gratitude or quiet meditation to clear your mind and set intentions for the day. Get some fresh air, even if it’s by having your morning cup of tea on your balcony or in your yard. 


If it works for you, have certain nights when you cook certain meals so you know exactly what you need and you don’t spend ages trying to figure out what you fancy & what you have in the house. Have a chore schedule so everyone knows what they’re responsible for and when.


Make a list of anything on your mind or anything you need to do tomorrow to get it out of your head so you don’t need to keep thinking about it. Switch off your devices and end the day with something relaxing to wind down with; a warming herbal tea, a hydrating face mask or a little reading. A bedtime routine helps your body prepare for a better nights sleep.




5 Ways To Get You In the Moving Mood

There is more purpose behind exercise other than trying to reach your ideal weight. It’s a state of balance in your mind, body, and spirit that is needed in order to achieve your ultimate health and well-being. So let’s go back-to-basics and ensure we can obtain the vital ingredients needed for a solidified foundation on the importance of moving.


No matter what your fitness level, the importance of positivity and setting goals is undeniable. Goal setting is the perfect tool to keep you on track. It also keeps you focused, motivated and adds purpose to your work-outs. Write down what your goals are and why they are important to you, place them somewhere visible that way you are reminded and motivated each and every day. You can’t lead a positive life, with a negative mind, nor can you approach exercise with a negative attitude. The ‘I can do it’ mentality is what pushes us harder and gets us over the finish line. If you want to stay on track with your goals, be positive, work hard and believe that you can do it. That’s how we start to tick off that goal list.


If you are feeling a bit apprehensive about exercise, or have simply lost some motivation to work-out…try to change up your mind set. Think of exercise as a gift and not a chore. The ability to move your body every day is a valuable thing, and you can reap so many rewards, not just physically, but mentally too! You know that feeling you seek when you conquer all confidence that follows a good work-out? Well, that is because those endorphins can boost a whole lot of self-confidence. Most people undertake fitness regimes with the goal of losing weight and improving muscle tone. With these improvements and results come a healthy boost of self-confidence and an improved sense of self— including body image and control over other aspects of life, such as work and relationships. So move your body girl, start looking at your glass as half-full!


While it is important to achieve your fitness and health goals, it is equally as important to seek balance in your life. This means being aware of pushing your body to breaking point. Pain is a great sign of telling you how hard you have worked, but it’s also a great communicator in telling you that something isn’t quite right. If this is the case, trust your instincts and act on it straight away. You must never dismiss the signals your body is sending you. Remember, you have not failed by dialling back the intensity of your exercise regime; if you are considering the wellbeing of your body this should be the ultimate priority.


Experts agree that the best form of exercise is one that you enjoy enough to stick with. If you hate running, chances are you just won’t do it. Try walking instead, or sign up for yoga or bootcamp class. The options are endless, the idea is to pick an activity that you’re suited for and that appeals to you. A cool way to look at it is as if your state of mind and wellbeing is a bridge that requires the support of all its beams. If you only focus on your physical health and neglect your emotional needs, the bridge will collapse. Likewise, if you focus on only relieving personal stress without strengthening your connection to self, you won’t be able to achieve the sense of balance you are striving for. Don’t be discouraged, sport isn’t just for kids; there is an enjoyable avenue for all to enjoy, so pick an active move and have fun with it!


A well-rounded exercise regime would typically cover a healthy mix of cardio and strength training – which is great. However, many tend to neglect a component that is equally as important…stretching. It is so important to stretch all your muscle groups on a daily basis in order for them to be well circulated and healthy. We spend most of our day in the same posture. By not stretching, we continue to overuse and fatigue our muscles, making them short and tight, and bringing on all kinds of health woes (back pain anyone?). So don’t forget the need to stretch out your body every day, whether it’s when you wake up in the morning or post work-out.

Whether you are an exercise veteran, or are just gearing up to your new active life, the most important thing is to remember the fundamentals. By setting goals and harnessing a positive mind allows you to be motivated and driven. Listen to your body, and move it every day in new and exciting ways – it will make you feel alive, and invigorated. Finally, honour your body, and treat it with the utmost respect. These are the foundations to kick starting your best, active life!

Jaime x


How To Fit Training Into A Busy Life? 🤷‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🤸‍♂️🚴‍♀️

On average we encourage our client to train between 3-6 days per week, depending on what their work & life schedule is like. It is a combination of both strength & circuit style training with weights 💪

We are all busy and have different responsibilities with varying schedules, but it doesn't mean we have to let our health and fitness goals suffer. Here are our top tips to help you get/stay fit even if you are super busy:


Take small steps that fit into your existing schedule and find what suits your lifestyle and what you enjoy. They say the best exercise is the one that you will do. SO find exercise methods that you like, to make the process easier and more enjoyable so you can keep moving forward and achieve your goals ✔️


Busy people are usually good at being busy and organised, so schedule your training into your diary as you would a regular work meeting. Make exercise and essential part of your week 😅


The last thing you want to do when you exercise is actually think too hard about what you have to do. So we recommend getting on a weights based program so you have a plan that will ensure progression and have you achieving your goals without even thinking about it 👌

Learn to lift girls & guys! 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️

I hope this helps you get excited to move this weekend and into the new week!



Something about Winter just says ‘let go’. Let go of repetitive routines, rigid restrictions, and inhibitions….for the most part. 

So, how do we bounce back from a Winter of yolo? 🤷🏼‍♀️

First, don’t dwell on it. It’s important to kick back every now and then and let loose. It’s good for our mind, body, and soul! The most important part is not giving up on our long terms goals but knowing how to get back on track, which is exactly what I am going to teach you how to do in this blog. 

Altering A Bad Habit ✅

It takes at least 21 days to create or change a habit and we all know that kicking a habit cold turkey is darn tough. Your habits may play a part in your routine or possibly be filling a void in your life. If we rid it completely, you can be left feeling anxious, empty and unsatisfied. Instead of deleting the habit from your repertoire, I encourage you to find a healthy alternative.

For example: If you know that post-dinner you always crave something sweet, instead of walking into the kitchen to grab your usual guilt enhancing dessert, opt for making a naturally sweet, caffeine-free tea. You’re still satisfying the late night sweet tooth but in a much more goal supporting way.

Nutrition 🍏🍉🥒

Supplying our bodies with the right nutrients provides the energy and focus we need to execute our goals.

So what does that look like?

The essential part of any clean diet is eating real foods. This means cutting out packaged and processed items. This also includes refined sugar. The easiest way to set up your meals is by ensuring your plate consist of 50% vegetables and greens, leaving the other half for fat, protein, and complex carbohydrates.

The world’s best appetite suppressant is real food. Our bodies are smart. When you give it the nutrients it needs, it has little reason to ask for more.

Preparation - The key to success! 📝

‘I was doing great until…… my friends birthday, a work event...’

We’ve heard it all before. When the hangry clock strikes, anything, and everything becomes fair game.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this leap backward by putting aside an hour or two each week to set yourself up for success. This may seem like a lot but ask yourself, how much time do you spend watching TV? On social media? 

Believe me, if you’re serious about reaching your goals, you can find the time to prepare your meals.

Make your prep time enjoyable by pouring yourself a tasty cup of tea or kombucha, put on some tunes or a podcast and get to it! Schedule your prep time each week as if it were an important business meeting. Take it seriously, look forward to it as you are one step closer to reaching your goals. 

Sweat, Sleep and Staying Positive 💦😴😄

The trifecta when it comes to living your healthiest, happiest life. We all know the importance of getting a good sweat on. It supports the body’s natural detoxification process, increase serotonin (our happy hormone), increases energy and metabolism, and is crucial for maintaining strong bones especially as we age.

Often, we don’t take our sleep as seriously. Sleep is just as important as it is our body’s chance to rest, replenish, rebuild, and digest. We work hard all day to stay on top of our eating habits, to get a solid workout in, and to stay hydrated but it’s when we sleep where all the hard work comes into play.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your sleep time refrain from blue lights at least half an hour before bed. This means reducing computer, phone and TV time as you approach bed curfew. Opt for reading a book, writing in your journal, yoga or meditating.

The other piece of our wellness trifecta is staying positive. More and more studies are being released showcasing the power our mental state has over our wellbeing and physical appearance.

Our minds create matter 🙂🙃

For example, if we look in the mirror every day and tell ourselves ‘You are fat.’ It sounds crazy but our body listens and if we keep telling ourselves we’re fat, then we will stay fat. Versus looking in the mirror each day and saying ‘I am beautiful and my hard work is paying off’. You will start to notice changes in your body that support your efforts. 

A little reminder goes a long way 📆⏰

Your goals, intentions, and motivations are set until…. 

You’re a busy human, (in this day and age we all are!) and we need little reminders of what it is we’re after. 

Most importantly, take it one day at a time. You are worth the effort, the hard work, and you have every right to live your best life right now.

Jaime 💕💕💕


6 Ways To Actually Improve Your Mental Health 😊💫💜 Part II

Supporting Each Other 👫👬👭

As the old saying goes, problem shared is a problem halved. And while that may not be 100% accurate in all cases, having support is key, especially when tackling issues like mental health.

Having support and providing support those around us can have a huge impact. The smallest gesture could make a difference for someone, without you even realising it. Everyone is going through something, so by opening up lines of communication and having a ‘safe’ non judgemental support network is important for all of us.



Knowing someone well or seeing them regularly means that you will have a good sense of how they ‘normally’ behave. Look out for any subtle changes, for example: withdrawal, self-depreciation or even a change in the way that they are dressing or eating. Not all changes appear negative though, some people swing the other way and become increasingly extroverted in their behaviour. So don’t assume that if they’re acting happy that they actually are. Tragically, some people who appear the most upbeat are the ones suffering.

You don’t need to scrutinise to notice if they’re not acting like themselves.


If you’re ‘too busy’ or rushing through conversations people may not feel comfortable coming to you to talk. Create opportunities for people to reach or chat to you if they need to. By not over scheduling yourself or allowing people to see that you’re happy take the time (or will schedule some) to talk, they’re more likely to approach you or take an opportunity to begin a conversation.

We all have important ‘things’ to do but remember, tasks are never as important as people.


If you’re having a conversation with someone or even sharing some time, be present. If your mind is elsewhere you won’t be the support you may think you are. You need to be present to be supportive, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

LISTEN 🤐💆‍♀️🗣️

A simple as that… just listen. Don’t judge, don’t try to steer the conversation, don’t try to ‘fix’ every problem and don’t relate everything back to yourself. Being heard is incredibly powerful.


Check in and follow up. Your support doesn’t need to end with the conversation. Take a moment every now and then to check in, especially if someone has shared with you. A quick text, invitation for coffee or call shows your ongoing support and that you genuinely care.

How do you nurture your mental well being?

And if you’re one of the many people suffering or going through a tough time, please speak with someone. Please. You may not feel like it will help, but it will xox

R U OK , Lifeline, Beyond Blue are great resources if you need support. 💖💖💖


6 Ways to Actually Improve Your Mental Health 💞 Part I

1. Get Outside 🌿🌍☀️

Spending time outdoors is shown to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Getting outside boosts your mood and immune system, reduces stress and anxiety and, as a bonus, encourages physical activity.

2. Exercise Regularly 🏋️‍♀️💪🖤

Moving your body and exercising regularly does wonders for your mental wellbeing. With a range of benefits such as; getting those happy hormones pumping, increasing focus and concentration, regulating breathing, boosting energy and motivation and improving sleep quality. Exercising also helps you build self-esteem, resilience and confidence as you build a strong body. You also increase your opportunities for social interaction. Whether that be your new bootcamp buddy or the person you wave at every morning on your run - every little connection is good for you.

3. Learn to say "no" to things that don't work for you and create boundaries ✖️✖️✖️

It's natural to want to help and care for everyone around you. Its a lovely quality, as long as its not to the detriment of your own health or stress levels. Saying "no" is not a negative so you shouldn't feel badly about it. Its just about setting boundaries and being honest. Whether you say no to more work when you're already at capacity or are telling your friend/family/partner/child that you need a little quiet time rather than going alone with whatever activity they want to do, saying no enables you to set boundaries and control your capacity.

4. Realise that some stress is good stress 🤗🤓💜

When we hear "stress" we immediately jump to the negative, but some stress is actually good for us. The trick is being able to recognise the difference and respond in the healthiest way. Good stress is the kind of stress that helps you learn, grow and develop. Like getting out of your comfort zone or pushing yourself to achieve something new. Studies show that this kind of "anxiety" can actually help you perform better. When you begin to feel stressed, take a breath and think about the cause. Are you feeling nervous about something new or being pushed out of your comfort zone? Nervousness is temporary and attached to an event or something challenging that will pass. The uncomfortable feeling will go away once the "event" has occurred. Anxiety is felt daily and can be attached to something that may seem irrational.

5. Practice gratitude and mindfulness 💫💕🍃

Gratitude and mindfulness are a great way to put things into perspective and to take some time to "reset" so you're able to think more clearly. These practices also help you to slow down, recognise and appreciate all of the great things in your life which we can easily overlook when we're under pressure. Studies have shown that groups practicing gratitude and mindfulness report having significantly better mental health.

6. Talk to people you can trust 😘👫🙏
Whether you need advice, to vent or to just have a great big belly laugh about a crazy situation, having people you can talk to openly, honestly and without judgement is important. Often, the simple act of saying something out loud helps to rationalise it and give you a sense of relief for getting it off your chest. Its also great to be a support to your loved ones in times of need too...

LM_180907_JamieBowPT_0161-Edit_MEDres (logo).jpeg

Recovery | Why it’s just as important as the workout 

The quality of your recovery impacts your motivation for your goals and performance in the gym. Pick one or two of the following to kick start your way to a new you!

Eat to recover 🍏

Choose quality protein sources and load up your plate with vegetables. If you’re filling up on sugar and saturated fats, your body isn’t getting what it needs to repair muscle tissue, get stronger and give you energy. 

Get enough sleep 💤

If you’re seeing a plateau on the scale, try creating a bedtime routine and adding a few extra hours of shut-eye to your schedule. Without enough quality sleep, your body will hold on to water and fat stores.

7-8 hours of sleep a night is recommended. If you’re following a hard training regime, aim for 9 hours.

Manage stress ⏰

The buildup of stress can negatively impact so many aspects of your life including but not limited to training, relationships, and the scale. Work with the people around you to find a way to bring your stress to a manageable level. Replace a training session with meditation, or ask your partner to cook dinner tonight so you can do some stretching. Doing little things to help manage your stress will keep you going stronger for longer.

Move to recover 🚶‍♀️

“Rest and recovery” doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and watching netflix. Do some active recovery to promote blood flow and mobility. While you’re at it, catch up with friends and do something active and fun, try:

• Go for a walk/bike ride/swim
• Go to the beach/park/bowling
• Do some Yoga or ROMWOD
• Foam roll and stretch while you watch a movie
• Play with your dog
• Go out dancing
• Do gardening

Visualize 😊

Spend time visualizing your goals and where you want to be. Studies have shown that practicing visualization of movements can help train motor patterns and keep you motivated.

Taking recovery seriously by eating, sleeping and moving well is going to optimize your progress.


Ordering a Cafe Breakfast...

So you’re on a fat loss journey but love a good Sunday brunch? Did you know you can still include this into your diet without hindering your results? When it comes to dining out it’s all about making a good choice either with the dine out meal or modifying your day to cater to it.�
So when it comes to cafe brekkies here’s our tips and key pointers for ensuring your Sunday brunch doesn’t cost you your week’s hard work.

1. Pre plan: If you have breakfast plans or know you’re going to a particular cafe as it’s breakfast don’t eat before. Skip the extra snack or beverage and instead just give yourself more of an allowance and flexibility for the meal. If you’re tracking your calories input your day into your calorie tracking tool and make a rough estimate as to your meals intake totals and/or the rest of your day so you know what allowance you have.�� 💻

2. Reduce your intake before/after the meal: Knowing you’ve got a planned breakfast or are having a higher calorie dine out meal make accomodations in the rest of your day to fit this in. Taper down after the meal and don’t back it up with another calorie dense meal and instead stick to lower calorie choices. An example of this is if you ordered pancakes then you’d have say a salad and meat and vegetable dinner. It’s all about balance!�� 🥗

3. Pick the simple option: The simpler the dish the easier it is to account for. For example 2 eggs on toast is going to be easier to account for and understand the intake you’re consuming when the components are simple and easy to identify as opposed to say a breakfast bruschetta/fritters etc where there’s a lot going on calorically and visually.�� 🍞

4. Make notes of the cautions: Look at a menu and assess for red flags. Some commonly identified red flags with brekkie menus include:�- Calorie dense components = calorie dense meal�- Many components = usually more calorie dense�- The words ‘BIG’, ‘EXTRA’, ‘LARGE’ etc indicating portion size and additional intake due to ‘extras’�- Fried foods = calorie dense. Words like ‘pan fried’, ‘fritter’ etc all indicate cooking with oil, which means an additional 120 calories per tablespoon!�� 🙅‍♀️

5. Get sauces on the side: This way you can opt to not have it or control your portion�� 🍴

6. Modify the dishes on the menu: Don’t be afraid to ask for changes and make requests I.e change roasted vegetables for example to steamed vegetables, ask for calorie dense components to be removed I.e nuts or goats cheeses from salads etc�� 👌

7. Account for/factor in oil: Oil is approximately 120 calories per tablespoon so with oil account for this when calculating what you’ve eaten or alternatively save calories by asking for no oil or butter with your food/dry grilled.�� 🏺

8. Beverage wisely: Remember beverages have calories too, make sure you account for this in your meal so whether its a juice, coffee, coconut, smoothie - some beverages have the equivalent intake to a meal or full snack. Be mindful of this and instead just opt for water or compensate with a lesser dense meal to have both!�� 🍻🥂

OUR TOP PICK FOR BREAKFAST: �Poached eggs on sourdough: Under 400 calories *Add a side of fresh tomatoes and spinach for less than 50 calories more and/or bacon for about 120 calories more! ☝️

Yogurt and granola: Always a deceiving choice on a menu given it’s what most ‘health conscious’ dieters go for but it’s quite calorie dense. The yogurt is usually full fat and granola very calorie dense.�� 👎

All in all, when it comes to brekkie it’s one of the easiest meals to calculate with the safest options. Don’t throw in plans for the sake of your body transformation just get smarter and organised with your dine out meals so you’re able to have your cake and eat it too. It’s all about making the right choice, avoiding traps and eating accordingly for the rest of the day.��Important note: there’s nothing wrong with any of the examples we’ve used as demonstrations of things that could be removed or substituted. 

No food is good or bad and won’t be recognised by the body in that way either, these suggestions as simply to lighten the density of your meal...😊😊


Should I eat this or that? 🤔

Tracking macros is a great way to reach your nutrition goals while still eating the food you love. However, even though your favourite donut fits your macros it is probably not your best choice.

At this point you have probably had one of those days where you decide to have that extra serving of ice cream and are left with nothing but egg whites for dinner. Let us help you make sure that never happens again! 

If you’re faced with a tough decision, use these exercises to help shift your mindset back to your goals.

Think before you eat 🍴

You’ve just seen a muffin on the counter at a cafe and you think that you need it.

Take a moment and run through some facts:
• The shop assistant strategically placed it there to try to tempt you.
• It didn’t exist in your mind before you saw it.
• It won’t exist in your mind when you walk away.
Walk away, get that muffin out of sight, and take 10-20 minutes before making a decision. We bet you’ll have forgotten all about it!

Eat some but not all 😬

Can you be satisfied eating only half? For many people, learning to eat some of a food and giving the rest away is an achievement.

A little over is not the same as a lot 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

Eating 2 cookies more than your macros allow is not the same as an entire sleeve. By not letting a small indulgence turn into a complete binge - you win! You are building your habits and self control. We know your coach would be proud too.

Communicate with your trainer 🤜🤛

Your trainer is there to give advice and help you build strategies for developing healthy habits. Letting them know what you’re struggling with is the best way to ensure you receive the tools and guidance you need to succeed. Trust us, they have been through and seen it all.



STOP thinking in terms of good and bad and just understand energy balance, appetite, and micronutrients.

There is no reason to put certain foods on pedestals and demonise them and feel guilty if you happen to eat them.

On the other hand, understanding energy balance is important for weight loss. Understand certain foods will fill you up without as much energy (eg plants).

You will be much more successful when you grasp this!

Determine what is "good" or bad" by the way you feel after you eat something.

Determine what is "good" or bad" by the way you feel after you eat something.


If you can’t see physical changes yet, there may be a few things you are doing that are slowing your progress. Go through the checklist below and if you find you are saying yes to more than one that is a great place to start. 

• Are you exceeding your macros by more than 5 grams of your carbs & protein targets and/or 2 grams of your fat target on a regular basis?
* Are you estimating frequently?
* Have you had a huge blow-out/cheat in the last month or so?
* When you choose inputs in MFP do you choose ones that are most favourable (i.e. the ones with lower macros)? 
◦ You should (1) be making sure the entry is “verified” or (2) if there is no verified entry you should be cross-referencing the information with either google nutrition or www.calorieking.com 
* If you have prescribed cardio do you ever skip sessions?
* Do you eat without tracking everything?

Examples (there are tons but here are some common ones):

* Cooking with oil or cooking spray and don’t count it because you "don't use that much"
* Taking bites of food while preparing it
* Sips/bites of a friends drinks/food without tracking it.

• Is more than more than 30% of your carb or fat intake being used for alcohol on a regular basis?
* Are you drinking alcohol on refeed days?
* Are you using inaccurate units of measure like tablespoons, cups, 1 piece of fruit etc… instead of weighing things?
* Are you eating out or eating a lot of already prepared or pre packaged foods often? Be honest with your trainer - they want nothing more than for you to succeed so if you answered yes to any of the above let them know so they can help you!

Jaime xx



So Christmas & New Years has been and gone. Now is the perfect opportunity to start the New Year right and chase those goals. Start being proactive about what you want to achieve for 2018 NOW and pick up the pieces right away after Christmas!

So you have the will, but don’t have the way? Here’s our top tips to get you started? …...

1. Goal setting

Set yourself some new goals for 2018 - Whether it be wanting to shed those unwanted Christmas kilos, fitting into a new dress size or just aiming to feel good and happy within yourself -  short and long term goals are a great way to keep you on track, and the feeling of ticking them off as you achieve them is even better! Write them down, save notes in your planner and remind yourself periodically of your goals. Make yourself accountable and assess your progress, ask yourself if your goals are realistic and assess any changes need to be made in order to help the process.

2. Find your motivation
Find your motivation by recognising what works for you! How someone else achieves their goals particularly when it comes to weight-loss will not necessarily work for you!
Think about what you have or haven’t already tried - did it work for you? - if not, why are you here now? What can YOU do to make it work this time?! Find a plan that is suited to you, fits in with your lifestyle and is maintainable. Don’t set yourself up to fail by going all guns-blazing, following restrictive diets and burning out after a short period of time. BALANCE is key!

Make sure you follow reliable sources, ones with a vision you agree with whether it be diet, exercise or your mental well being.

3. Remove anything that will hinder your progress
Rid your pantry of those tempting Christmas foods! The remains of Christmas usually linger in the fridge calling your name every time you open the fridge door - pavlova, pudding, chocolates and heavy meats are always tempting when they’re right under your nose! Remove any of those temptation you have over indulged in over the festive season so you can start a fresh slate. At some point in time we are all guilty of saying ‘Diet starts tomorrow’, ‘I can’t let it go to waste’, ‘I’ve already ruined my diet may as-well wait until the new year’, and then you find yourself in 2 months time still in the same position. The best thing you can do for yourself is START NOW. If the food isn’t there, you won’t be inclined to eat it and this will help your BALANCE! This comes hand in hand with our below tip...

4. Update your shopping list
One of the most effective things you can do for yourself preparing to dive into your new goals, is to update your shopping list. Christmas has been and gone, now it is time to restock and refuel yourself with those ‘feel good’ foods to get you back on track. Write a list of foods that are going to help you get closer towards your goals, and start making a plan (just make sure you don’t shop on an empty stomach). Organise your food in a way that will work for you - whether that be meal prepping and planning, organising your fridge, tracking your food, creating healthy meals with your partner or for your family, or just simply being mindful of your food choices throughout the day. If you don’t have tempting foods in the fridge and in the cupboard then you can’t eat them!

5. Pack your food
Are you always buying your lunch at work? Do you often find that you are rushed and haven’t organised anything to take to work - which leaves you opting for that take out shop on the corner, living off coffee and minimal nutritious food throughout the day.
Try setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier to throw in that yoghurt, fruit or fresh salad to snack on while you are at work. Adding 10 minutes into your night time routine by preparing tomorrow’s lunch, is another way to ensure you are making mindful food choices throughout the day, and will also save you a dollar or two!

6. Be prepared for obstacles
Like any plan, there will always be a challenge, obstacle or hurdle you will need to overcome at some point. Have plans set in place for when you fall off the wagon to prevent you from throwing in the towel. Allow yourself to understand that you may mistakes, but be sure to recognise when you are making these mistakes and prevent them from occurring again. Ask yourself why you let yourself slip, recognise why it happened, and most importantly make yourself a priority! Make sure you are surrounded by people who are going to support your goals and only want the best for you. Make notes of your progress and assess any necessary change, keep a diary, track your food, do what works for you and what you need to do to be accountable!

7. Get moving!
Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health! Physical activity can help maintain weight control, manage health and disease, improve mental well-being and boost your energy levels. Find an activity that works for you, whether it is booking in regular personal training sessions, joining bootcamp, hitting the gym with your headphones in and zoning out, walking with a friend, playing a sport or organising activities with your children - get yourself moving!

8. Aim for 8 hours sleep per night
Adequate sleep is key for a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep can have positive health benefits including improving your mental health and well-being, improving your memory and help with maintenance of healthy weight through the healthy balance of hormones during your sleep cycle. GET SNOOZING!

9. Drink plenty of water
Aim for at-least 2L of water per day at minimum. Drinking plenty of water has so many substantial benefits to our health including maintaining regularity, increasing energy, relieving fatigue, aiding in weight loss and boosting your immune system. Studies have shown that losing as little as 2% of your body’s water content can significantly impair your mental and physical performance. Get yourself a new drink bottle, keep it at your desk, take it in your car wherever you go and stay hydrated!

10. Make yourself a priority!
As previously mentioned, making yourself a priority is one of the most important things you can do for yourself when trying to achieve a goal! It is very easy to get side tracked by friends, events and even provided work lunches, when you are in the middle of chasing your goals. It is very important to make sure you have balance and are not restricting yourself from missing out on social events, however there are a few things you can do in order to have the best of both worlds.
If you know you will be having a morning tea at work with snacks provided - make sure that you have pre-planned the rest of your day with mindful food choices so that you can fit in that extra muffin or biscuits with your tea.
You are also allowed to say NO!  - Your friends are all keen for a night of pizza, chips, choccie or drinks and you are trying your best to stay on track. You are ALLOWED to say no, make your own choices, bring your own food, suggest an alternate restaurant, opt for a salad on the side instead of chips or eat before you go. Do what is best for you! Not what is going to make your friends happy or you feel guilty, make sure you have your own best interest at heart always because at the end of the day they are YOUR choices and YOUR goals to achieve.

Want to get back on track but don’t know where to start with your food & training? Don’t underestimate the value of professional coaching with our team to use your nutrition & exercise as a vehicle for success. You don’t need to be an athlete, train every day or even have a gym membership to see results, quite simply we will devise a plan to hit your targets and maintain a happy, balanced lifestyle.

BRING ON 2018!